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CREATE YOUR OWN WORKSHOP - Summer School Holidays 

Stay happy, busy, and creative during this school holiday.

School holiday pottery classes are designed to inspire families to explore their creativity, make art and have fun together. And you will be working in a real Potter’s studio! 

You will learn the simple hand-building techniques of ceramic art to make various themed projects.


All workshops are by appointment. Book your own session when convenient. 


Step 1. Organise your own group of kids or kids with parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, or other carers.

Please note that kids younger than 7 years old need to be assisted by parents.

Decide on the date and starting time 


Step 2. Decide on the class duration. One, two, or three-hour time slots are available. 


Please note that min 2 hours are required to make and paint the clay work.


Step 3  Decide on your project. No idea? We will help! 


Cost: $45per person per hour


For groups of 5 or more participants: $70 per person for a two-hour workshop   

All basic materials, tools, and kiln firing costs are included in the price.

Aprons are available in the studio.

Ceramics will be available for collections in 3-4 weeks.


Please note that my studio has limited storage space. I'll need to dispose of the works

if not collected by the end of February.    

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

To contact me click here :


call: 0428492255 





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