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Artnest is a home – based studio with limitless opportunities to help you to produce unique, hand made ceramics.

I like a stress-free atmosphere so classes are informal, and kept very small.


You will be taught how to work with clay using various hand-building techniques.

You are free to choose what to make.

I will provide technical help and guidance and suggest projects if needed.


Artnest's library has a large selection of books that are great for inspiration.


Making ceramics is a long process.

You need a minimum of three sessions to be able to create, a ready to use piece.


The typical process starts with design and hand building. The created form needs to be bone dry, before first firing to 1000 deg C.

In the next phase, you decorate your piece using the technique of your choice.

The final firing depends on your chosen decoration method.


There's nothing more rewarding than opening the kiln to see your newborn masterpiece.


Clay, tools, glazes, firing are available at Artnest. Aprons are also available at the studio but it’s important to dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.        

Clay Design

Stack with a birthday or special anniversary present?
A pottery class personalised voucher is a perfect gift! Contact me to buy a voucher.       


Abstract Nature


6 Dela Cl, St Ives Chase, NSW 2075

0428 492 255

                         TIME SCHEDULE AND PRICES



When it comes to creative classes, I believe in flexibility. 


Contact me to arrange a date and time that suits your schedule.


I like to spend weekends with my family and friends however if you want to organise a session for a large group, please contact me to discuss details.  


Basic materials ( Earthware clay up to 2 kg and basic glazes) ) and firing cost are included in the price. 


1-hour class                                                 $ 50 


Buy 10 classes and get one free.                        $500


Note: If you wish to have one to one class and block the entire studio for yourself is an additional $50 fee.  












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