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I have always been fascinated by ceramics, but my true passion for art began with a job transfer to Singapore nineteen years ago.

I was lucky enough to meet a number of great artists and teachers, who helped me weave my feelings

into a creative process.

Inspired by the possibility of turning mud into art, I chose to study Ceramics at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art.

I then gave up my professional career, and returned home 

to Sydney, to open my very own studio, Artnest. 





In a world of modern rationalism, anything that appeals to the senses and feelings excites me. 





I like to work with a variety of clays and use a number of surface decoration techniques. Every piece teaches me something new about the art of pottery. 

I love the unpredictability of this medium;

I feel as though each piece develops its own personality as it's created and this needs to be embraced, not fought with.



Sydney Pottery Studio & Classes|St Ives|
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