What would you like to make? A dragon?  A pot? or maybe a beautiful unicorn? 

 DESIGN and CREATE, your own unique piece in clay! 






Keep your kids happy, busy and creative during this school holiday 




Give your kids the inspiration of working in a real Potter’s studio!  Small class size and lots of individual attention allow creativity to flourish.  Projects will include fun sculptural forms and creative Pottery.

Children will learn the simple techniques of ceramic art to make various themed projects.



                      Workshop dates: 
                      April 15, 16, 17   
                      We will run classes between 9 am and 2 pm   
                          You are welcome to book one, two or three-hour session* and to choose the starting time. 
    This depends on the project size, complexity and child's age*.
    Children attending a three-hour session will be able to paint their clay works.
    All basic materials, tools and firing costs are included.
    Aprons are available in the studio.
    Cost: $30/hour per child. 
    *Please note that kids younger than 7 years old need to be assisted by parents.
    Food is not permitted in the studio, however, there is a little outdoor area for kids to use
    if you want to provide some snacks and drinks.  
    To book a class :
    email: or call: 0428 492 255
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions
    or you would like to organize a family session for your group only. 


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