Keep your kids happy, busy and CREATIVE during this school holiday.


Join me for pottery workshops that will transfer kids imagination to a new level.

Children will learn the simple techniques of ceramic art and will use their skills to make figurines, pots, plates, clay houses, tiles and sculptures. 


Pottery is fun for adults too. Join your child and create your very own masterpiece!



9  - 16 APRIL 2016

WOO HOO!!!   The Pottery  Holiday is around the corner!

Pottery classes are available everyday from 9th till 16th of April .
Book a class at any time of the day between 9 am and 3 pm
Bring your own design or follow the class project ideas
Stay as long as you need to create your own masterpiece
Simply contact me and book a day/time/duration that suits you.
Please note that kids younger then 6 years old need to be assisted by parents.
Children Class Cost: $25/hour all included 
Autumn Special for Adults: $25/hour plus cost of clay

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